Our factoring service has been established to provide owners in the local communities with the ability to access low cost, high standard property management.   At present we act as factor to over 514 owners within our area of operation, including tenemental properties, four in a block properties and shop units.

To find out more about our factoring service, you can read our Factoring Policy. 

 The services provided can vary depending on the property type and the requirements of the owners, but can include:

  • Repairs to common areas
  • Buildings insurance
  • Landscaping of common areas
  • Stair cleaning
  • Stair lighting within closes
  • Group heating

Your responsibilities 

Your responsibilities as a factored homeowner is outlined in your Title Deeds, we do not hold copies of your Title Deeds.  However, you can purpose a copy of these from Registers of Scotland.  

In more general terms, it is your responsibility to (1) report common area repairs as soon as you become aware there is an issue and (2) keep the common parts of your building clean, well maintained and in good order.  Find out how to report a repair here.  

We recommend all homeowners to have comprehensive building insurance, and in some cases the Title Deeds specify that this is an enforceable requirement.  

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Payment of services 

The factoring services are covered by an annual management fee, which we charge to all factored owners.  This fee enables us to offer services to maintain our properties to an acceptable and legally compliant standard.  Our fees are reviewed annually to be able for us to continue to provide a low cost, high quality service.  

We are excited to be able to offer a discounted management fee for those signed up to our paper-free service, you can take advantage of this discount by contacting a member of the finance team.

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2023/24 Fees (exc. VAT)
Management Fee £180.00
Management Fee (paper-free) £164.00
Sales (more than 28-days notice) £65.00
Sales (less than 28-days notice) £97.50
Final demand fee* £15.00
Deposit (refundable)  £100.00
*Payable where payments are not received within the 28-days payment terms and a final demand notice is sent (payable for both paper and paper-free services). 

Costs of maintaining the property and any repairs required, will be divided among owners based on your title deeds (we have not influence over the share of costs defined in the title deeds).   We aim to provide you with easily understood bills on a six monthly basis, which gives details of your share of charges during each billing period.   We will only issue bills in the name of the property owner and will not issue them to tenants where the property is rented out by you.

Our billing periods cover 1 April to 30 September and 1 October to 31 March and we aim to issue the bills within six weeks of the end of each period. We require our bills to be paid in full within 28-days of the date of the bill.  Find out more about the billing arrangements in our Written Statement of Services.


We recognise that at times, some customers may have difficulty paying their bills.  If you do find that you are having problems paying your factoring charges, please contact a member of the finance team as soon as possible, to discuss the options available to you.  Our Factoring Debt Recovery Policy explains exactly how we will deal with arrears cases.  You can also take advantage of our Money and Benefit Advice support available.