Report a repair

Click on the link below to report a repair via our portal. 
Contact the repairs team on 0141 763 1317 option 1. 
In person
Report a repair to any member of our staff team. 
Repairs reported will be processed by the repairs team within 1-working day, and repairs will be carried out within the timescales detailed below.   
If it is an emergency repair please contact via telephone. 
Out of hours
Call 0345 604 4686 for out of hours emergency repairs. 
Made safe within 6-hours.
An emergency repair will generally involve (1) an immediate threat to health, safety, or security, or (2) complete loss of a utility.
Completed within 3-days.
An urgent repair will generally involve a situation that does not present an immediate danger, but left unattended has potential to escalate.
Completed within 5-days.
Routine / normal repairs will not present an immediate danger or left unattended escalate.