Your responsibilities 

When you become a tenant with us you are required to sign a tenancy agreement (click here for a sample Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement).  This agreement sets out our responsibilities as a social landlord and your responsibilities as a tenant. Below is a summary of your responsibilities, if you would like further information on your tenancy agreement, please contact a member of our housing team.

PIC - STOCK - row of red brick buildings with white flower at front

1. Paying your rent on time.

2.  Taking care of the property (and common parts), keeping it clean and using it for the purpose it was designed, including;

  • keep the property adequately ventilated and heated;
  • not bring any hazardous or combustible goods or materials into the property;
  • not put any damaging oil, grease or other harmful or corrosive substance into the washing or sanitary appliances or drains;
  • take steps to avoid/prevent water pipes freezing in cold weather;
  • avoid danger to the property or neighbouring properties by way of fire or flooding;
  • ensure the property and its fixtures and fittings are kept clean during the tenancy;
  • not interfere with the smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, heat detectors, fire alarm system or any other safety device;
  • not interfere with door closer mechanisms;
  • not storing items within common areas. 

3.  Keeping us informed of household members. 

  • you are responsible for the actions of any household members and their actions.
  • you must not let your property become overcrowded. 

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4.  Positive neighbour relations:  Not causing a nuisance to your neighbours or engaging in anti-social behaviour (including ensuring other household members and visitors adhere to this requirement).  In particular you, a member of your household or visitor must not:

  • make excessive noise. 
  • fail to control pets or allow them to foul or cause damage. 
  • vandalise or damage the property or any common areas. 
  • leave rubbish in unauthorised locations or at inappropriate times. 
  • use the property for illegal or immoral purposes. 
  • smoke in stairwells and common areas. 

PIC - STOCK - house with red and beige bricks plus blue sky

PIC - STOCK - row of houses with red and beige bricks plus blue sky

5. Reporting any repair problems and allowing access for repairs and relevant maintenance requirements (e.g. gas servicing).

6. Paying for repairs which were due to your (a member of your household or visitor) negligence or misuse. 

7. Asking permission if you want to sublet, redecorate, make alterations, or keep pets.  

8. Providing notice if you wish to end your tenancy or inform us if you will be absent from your property for an extended period of time. 

9. Having adequate insurance arrangements for your building contents.

10. Notify the local authority and utility companies of your responsibility to pay for relevant charges (e.g. council tax, gas and electricity bills).