Arrears advice 

Most problems with rent arrears can be sorted if early action is taken. 
As soon as you notice that you can't make a payment, contact a member of the housing team. 

The first step is to make an appointment with a member of our housing team.  They will complete an income and expenditure assessment with you, to identify a suitable and affordable way forward.  

This might include reducing your monthly expenses.  Consider:

  • Cutting back on luxuries.
  • Switching energy suppliers (are you on the cheapest tariff?).
  • Switch your credit card (you could benefit from a 0% interest).
If you do miss a payment, we can agree a suitable repayment arrangement to pay off the debt. 
Our aim is to ensure the debt is paid off in an agreed timescale, while still being affortable for our tenants. 

We understand that cutting back can be difficult, but continual failure to back arrears could result in court action (and ultimately eviction). 

Payment options will also be covered in the meeting, to ensure you are paying the easiest way for your lifestyle (e.g. direct debit).  

The housing team may also recommend a referral to our welfare and money service.  The service can complete a benefit review, offer advice on money and debt, and help you budget for the future. 

Once an agreement has been made, it is important to stick to it.  Failure to keep an agreement will result in an escalation in our procedures (including starting legal action).  Click here to find out more about your rent responsibilities and possible outcomes of failure to make rent payments.