Our structure 

Management Committee


Our Management Commitee leads and directs the Association to ensure we meet the needs of our tenants, service users, and other customers.   They are responsible for (1) the overall strategic direction of the Association, (2) ensuring overall performance is maintained, and (3) ensuring we meet our legal and regulatory obligations. 

To ensure the effective and efficient running of the Association, the Management Committee have delegated some powers to sub-committees.  These sub-committees are made up from members of the Management Committee and operate within a defined set of boundaries.  

Audit & Business Sub-Committee Operations Sub-Committee
The sub-committee ensures that management and internal controls are effective and efficient.  They oversee resources, organisational development, health & safety and equalities.  Focussing on operational matters, the sub-committee oversees housing management and maintenance services. They will scrutinise areas, set improvement plans and feedback to the Management Committee.

Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team are responsible for ensuring that the strategic aims and objectives are achieved, by providing day-to-day leadership and management to the Association.  They ensure that the operational requirements are met and advise the Management Committee on operational matters.   Lead by the Chief Executive, our Leadership Team are made up of four directors, who in turn lead our Senior Management team.  Click here to meet out Leadership Team

Clive Douglas
Chief Executive

PIC - LT - Clive Douglas